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Which creature has three hearts, eight arms and a doughnut shaped brain? You guessed it, it’s the octopus!

Generally, Octopuses are solitary creatures that hunt at dusk. They eat all manner of things from crabs to crayfish and even other molluscs! Having no bones makes these cunning predators hard to evade as they can squeeze into tiny nooks and crannies to get to their dinner. As long as the gap is large enough for their eyeballs, then they can fit.

  • SEA LIFE, Quayside

Common Octopus

There are around 300 species of octopus and we find them in every ocean on our planet, but the common octopus that you'll find here at SEA LIFE is native to our UK waters.

They live in shallow waters and make their homes on the sea floor, but this leaves them threatened by certain types of fishing methods such as trawler nets which drag along the ocean bed.

They can also change the colour of their skin to camouflage perfectly with their surroundings, helping them to sneak up on prey as well as hide from predators.