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  • SEA LIFE, Rainforest Adventure


Red-bellied Piranhas are found in the Amazon River. They are predominantly meat eaters with very sharp teeth and strong jaws for tearing through flesh. Despite their fearsome reputation Piranha attacks on humans are almost unheard and surprisingly enough, in the Amazon, they are a very important food source for native tribes.

Red Piranha

Red Bellied Piranhas

There are around 40 species of Piranha and it may surprise you to read that most are vegetarian; Feeding mainly on fruits, nuts and seeds that fall from the trees. The Red Bellied Piranhas you will encounter on your journey through SEA LIFE Blackpool, are one of the few meat-eating varieties.


Did you know?

  • Piranhas have the same sensory system that enables sharks to detect blood in minuscule amounts, they can detect 1 part blood in up to 1 million parts water
  • The red belly is a form of camouflage. In the red, muddy waters of the Amazon, it is hard to spot a Red Bellied Piranha from below.
Red Bellied Piranhas at SEA LIFE Blackpool

Red belly boss

The Piranha with the reddest belly is likely to be the most dominant in the group!