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Dream Comes True For Boy With Anxiety

It’s not only the human mind that is the subject of discussion this World Mental Health Awareness Day
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World's Oldest Operating Aquarium Launches New £2.7 Million Ocean Experience

SEA LIFE Brighton has opened a NEW £2.7 million UK first ocean display!
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Sea Life Brighton Issues Urgent Plea for More Responsibility

Sea Life Brighton has issued an urgent appeal for the public to become more responsible with their waste after collecting a record amount of rubbish
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Sea Life Brighton Successfully Breeds Endangered Species

Baby Banggai cardinalfish have been born after parents were rescued from Heathrow Airport.
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Meet The Octo-Builder

SEA LIFE Brighton’s resident octopus, Pumpkin, has become an overnight sensation after using her eight tentacles to play with giant LEGO® blocks in her tank.
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Endangered Ray Hatching

Watch an endangered native ray hatch from their egg case.
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Meeting of Morgan and Morgan The Turtle!

A young wildlife enthusiast from Brighton has enjoyed a touching encounter in the Maldives with a rescued sea turtle that shares her name.
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Sea Life Brighton Responds To ‘Deadly’ Great White Sharks

Rising sea temperatures around the British Isles will see new, tropical sharks enter British waters by 2050, according to experts.
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