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Dare to feed a swarm of tangs? Hear them munch, see them frenzy and take home the moment with a one-of-a-kind family photo, beginning late April at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium! Feeding Frenzy will offer guests the chance to come face-to-fin in this never-before-seen multi-sensory experience.

Toddler Tuesdays

Join us for Toddler Tuesday!!

Get up-close, hands-on with an educational program designed for the youngest underwater enthusiasts and their parents. Toddler Time starts at 9:30am every Tuesday and includes age appropriate activities that connect toddlers to the AMAZING world beneath our oceans.


Learn more about Toddler Time, special pricing and tickets here.


Meet a Mermaid

Summer, 2019

Meet magical mermaids on land and sea! Mermaids take over Orlando performing unbelievable underwater feats. They will mesmerize you swimming amongst our beautiful creatures! And meet one too!


Underwater Superheroes

Summer, 2019

Are you stronger than an octopus? Faster than a shark? Test your own spectacular skills against our Super 5 sea creatures during these action-packed event days!