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Seahorses at SEA LIFE

Brazilian Orange Seahorse | SEA LIFE Aquarium

Playful Little Creatures

Another unique feature exhibit at the SEA LIFE Orlando aquarium is the seahorses. You will learn all about the history of the species nomenclature, getting its name from the Greek word "Hippocampus," meaning sea horse monster- but for its size, it is not that much of a monster.

What makes seahorses unique? Facts:

  • They have a head similar to that of a horse
  • A tail that resembles a monkey's
  • Male seahorses have a pouch through which the female lays her eggs, and the male seahorse gives birth

Perhaps the coolest thing about them is that the males brood their babies! A male Seahorse has a brooding pouch on its belly into which a female can place her eggs. After a few weeks when the babies are ready, the male Seahorse gives birth. He rocks back and forth like a rocking-horse whilst the tiny baby seahorses pop out from a small hole in his tummy. 

Visit us, and you never know; you might be in luck and witness this rare experience of the male seahorse giving birth.