Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a visit to SEA LIFE last?
It takes approximately an hour to 90 minutes to complete a visit at SEA LIFE; however, you may take as little or as long as you need to experience the entire attraction.

Can I take a baby stroller to SEA LIFE?
Yes! The only restriction is they need to remain under 36" in width

Can I take any animals or pets to SEA LIFE?
No animals or pets are permitted into SEA LIFE. However, we do permit Service Animals.

Is SEA LIFE wheelchair accessible?
The entire attraction is wheelchair accessible; however, we do not have wheelchairs available on site. We ask that you provide your own wheelchair if needed.

Can I bring cameras into SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium? 

We have specialized photographers that will assist you in taking your memorable photographs, but please feel free to take your own pictures as well! If you are bringing your own camera, please turn the flash off as the bright light can hurt some of our animals' eyes. Photo books are available for sale in the retail shop at the end of the attractions.

Food and Drink

Can I eat or drink at SEA LIFE?
We do not permit food and beverage inside the attraction. However, you can purchase food and beverage outside of SEA LIFE Orlando in the terminal building at the I-Drive 360 Complex.


For the safety of our guests, the carrying of firearms, weapons or combustible/flammable/explosive items of any kind into SEA LIFE Orlando, is strictly prohibited.