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Learn More About The Survivor Program

The Survivor Program is an exclusive school program at SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World Aquarium, and is based on the ecological concept of Adaptations.

An adaptation is anything that helps an organism survive and reproduce successfully in its habitat.

  • A structural adaptation is a physical structure you can observe on an animal. For example, the false ‘nose’ of the Anglerfish acts as a lure to attract prey.
  • A behavioural adaptation is shown by the behaviour of an animal. For example, Clownfish ‘hide’ from predators amongst the stinging tentacles of anemones.
  • A functional adaptation is generally an internal physiological characteristic. For example, the venom produced in the Lionfish enables it to safely swim in open waters, without being eaten by potential predators.

  • To survive, animals must obtain water, food and oxygen; find a mate and reproduce; and protect themselves from predators and the surrounding environment.
  • There are certain ‘rules’ that need to be followed to survive in underwater environments.
  • These ‘rules’ are grouped into structural, behavioral and functional adaptations.