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Sharktacular – 20 Amazing Facts for Kids #SummerofSharks

They might have a bad reputation, but there’s more to sharks that sharp teeth and spooky soundtracks. Sharks have inhabited our oceans for millions of years – since way before dinosaurs roamed the Earth – and they’re so perfectly designed that they’ve not evolved for over 150 million years.

Here at SEA LIFE Blackpool, we’re not scared of sharks. In fact, we’re doing everything we can to ensure that sharks continue to lurk in the deepest, darkest corners of the seas. There are over 400 species, some of which are critically endangered, and it’s our job – and yours – to help prevent their numbers diminishing further towards extinction.

Teaching Kids About Sharks

We’re celebrating these magnificent sea creatures for the whole summer, with the Summer of Sharks. We believe in educating everyone about marine life, and have got 20 unbelievable facts about sharks for you and your kids. Whether you’re looking to learn something yourself, or you want to capture the imaginations of your little ones, we’ve got facts about the biggest and the fastest sharks, the tiniest and the friendliest sharks, and even a couple of really weird ones.

Take a look at our Sharktacular infographic below, and visit us at SEA LIFE Blackpool to get up-close and personal with our resident finned friends.