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World Animal Day

Here at SEA LIFE Blackpool we are committed to the conservation of our oceans, but it’s not just the underwater creatures that we care about. To recognise World Animal Day on 4th October 2017, we’re going to celebrate the fascinating resident land-based animals we have.


Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon


Charlie, our panther chameleon, is a master of disguise with his camouflage skills – forcing you to sometimes look very hard to find him. As Charlie tests your eyesight, he also shows off the power of his own eyesight: chameleons have 360-degree arcs of vision, so they can practically see everywhere and anywhere. If you’re watching Charlie, be sure to know Charlie will be watching you too.


Chameleons are able to change skin colour by adjusting their iridophore cells. By changing the structural elements of the upper cell layer, it leads to a change in colour. The more dominant the male, the brighter his colours and the more attractive he is to females. If the male chameleon is coloured brown or grey, it is known to be a submissive male. Female chameleons use their colour-changing abilities to either accept or reject suitors.


Fun fact: Chameleons can see in ultraviolet light.


Jump Around, Jump Around, Jump Around!


Hopping in-and-out of tropical plants in our Rainforest Adventure are our resident ribbiters: the poison dart frog and the tomato frog.


Poison dart frogs wear some of the most beautiful colours, and their neon coats are used to warn predators of their toxins. They range in size from 1-6cm – the smallest being the size of a thumbnail.


In the last 40 years, 20% of the Amazon Rainforest has been destroyed. This means the homes of these vibrant hoppers are becoming more and more endangered, putting these fascinating jumpers at risk. This is why it is important to raise awareness of World Animal Day to help keep our froggy friends still jumping.


The tomato frog – just like the name suggests – looks like a ripe tomato thanks to its inflated body shape. Even though they live close to waters, they are actually very poor swimmers and can easily drown. The tomato frog is known as an ambush predator, because it sits and waits for its prey to appear and then – in a blink of an eye – pounces and uses the element of surprise to its advantage.


Fun fact: Poison dart frog mothers ‘piggyback’ their tadpoles to move them.


In the Eyes of the Ranger


What better place to celebrate World Animal Day than at our very own ranger table? Meet creatures from all over the world and understand why we’re excited to celebrate them!


Who can you meet?


  • Hissing cockroaches
  • Praying mantises
  • Death-head cockroaches
  • Budwing stick insects
  • Millipedes
  • Tarantulas
  • Giant grubs
  • Giant African land snails


These fascinating creatures aren’t only full of weird wonders, but they’re also super important to us too. From being one of the most vital elements to the survival of our rainforests, they are essential to our planet’s ecosystem, and are the food source of many other animals. They make up the foodchain and support the environment, and now it’s our time to support them.


Fun fact: Male millipedes court females with back massages and serenade them with songs.


Celebrate Good Times, COME ON!


Celebrate World Animal Day with us here at SEA LIFE Blackpool. Meet the animals of the world, hold insects, and help us raise awareness of the welfare of animals. Find out ticket prices here and be sure to let us know all about your visit on Facebook or on Twitter @SEALIFECentre


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