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World Environment Day and World Oceans Day

World Environment Day and World Oceans Day

The first week of June brings together the protection of both our environment and our oceans, with World Environment Day taking place on 5th June, and World Oceans Day taking place on 8th June. It’s a chance for everyone to show their support for the beauty of our environment, the freshness of our oceans, and the significance of our world’s nature.

Taking care of our natural environment has a huge impact on the safety of marine life and all things weird and wonderful in the deep blue sea. Here at SEA LIFE Blackpool, we are committed to protecting creatures from above and beneath the surface, and we work with various associations to help keep our environment and oceans as safe as possible.

Beach Cleans

Taking care of our environment is imperative, because it affects every aspect of life and directly impacts the safety of all species. 

We’ve joined forces with several different associations for our monthly beach cleans, where we work together to keep Blackpool’s shorelines tidy. Plastic litter and rubbish finds its way onto our beaches and into our oceans, causing a big threat to our environment and marine creatures.

We always aim high to help tackle any issues that pose a threat to our environment and our oceans. Plastic pollution can seriously harm our marine life, because it can choke, poison, and entangle our creatures. It is estimated that a staggering 26 million tonnes of plastic pollution makes its way into our oceans each year.

If you want to help us keep our beaches clean and save our marine life, our next beach clean is on Saturday 17th June. We hope to see you there!

Reducing Plastic Litter

We work closely with our partner SEA LIFE Trust to help globally reduce the amount of plastic litter that is entering our oceans. This is just one of the ways we dedicate our commitment to the conservation of marine wildlife and the environment.

Here are some things you can do to support our project to reduce plastic litter:

  1. Try not to use new plastic bags every time you go shopping, instead use a reusable bag or bag-for-life instead.
  2. Say no to plastic straws!
  3. Reduce your use of plastic, reuse any plastic materials wherever possible, and recycle as much as you can.
  4. Start using reusable bottles and cups for your everyday drinks.
  5. Stand up to manufacturers! Keep an eye out for excess packaging of products, and don’t be afraid to steer clear of them to help reduce the amount of packaging waste.

Protecting Habitats

Less than 2% of our oceans are currently being protected. Without protection, the homes of hundreds of different species are under threat.

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) limit activities in sensitive habitat areas, to ensure that the ocean’s marine life has every chance of surviving. MPAs are also beneficial in giving fish safe places to live – where they can replenish their numbers; this in turn helps to combat issues such as overfishing.

Some of our most beautiful underwater environments are quickly diminishing. In fact, the coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans are disappearing faster than the rainforest, highlighting just how important it is to protect the ocean’s habitats.

Breed, Rescue, Protect

Our expert staff are passionate about providing care and conservation to the marvels of marine life. To carry on sharing the wonders and the beauty of the oceans with you, we have developed the system of BREED, RESCUE, PROTECT

Breed. To help conserve endangered species, we have put in place a breeding system to ensure that sensitive creatures are safe from extinction. Our seahorse success story has seen nine different species of seahorse bred and conserved. Our breeding programmes do not rely on external sources, meaning that no seahorses have be taken from the wild on our behalf, and in the future we may be able to use our breeding programme to resupply the wild if seahorses are in danger of becoming extinct.

Our breeding programmes don’t stop there: we have programmes for sharks, rays, and coral reefs.

Rescue. At SEA LIFE Blackpool, we support The Big Fish Campaign to help educate our visitors on home aquariums. You will be surprised at how quickly some species outgrow a small tank, and in our Rainforest Area some of the biggest fish and turtles have been rescued from outgrowing a homeowner's tank. The Big Fish Campaign endeavours to promote responsible selling and buying of larger species, and to raise awareness of the importance of a safe home for fish of all shapes and sizes. 

Protect. We want to motivate people to help protect our environment and our oceans. We completed a 119-mile sponsored row to help raise funds for Manx Basking Shark Watch. The row raised £2,000, and donating it to the shark conservation allowed us to put a satellite tag on one of the sharks. Shark-tagging helps us to understand how habitat changes may affect the lives of sharks, and how different shark species react to different shapes underwater. This research helps us understand and monitor the movement of sharks, so we can continue to protect this species of shark for generations to come.  


We work closely with our partner charity, SEA LIFE Trust, on several various trust causes. From combating overfishing to protecting seahorses and safeguarding turtles, we are devoted to protecting our environment and the wonders of the world’s oceans.

Working with Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC), 105,990 people signed the petition to WIPE OUT WHALING. This is just one example of the many successes we have had working alongside SEA LIFE Trust.

World Environment Day and World Ocean Day bring us together to raise awareness and be proactive in caring for our environment and oceans. If you would like to work alongside us, support our work, or simply find out more information, you can follow us on Twitter (@SEALIFEcentre) and find us on Facebook. Don’t forget to have a look at our beautiful creatures on Instagram either.  


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