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Risk Assessment & Pre-Post Visit Lesson Plans

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Ocean Conservation

Protecting our World's Oceans... with three hours worth of content pre and post an educational visit these lessons will encourage pupils to appreciate the importance of protecting our oceans, raise awareness of their own relationship with the ocean and appreciate how their daily actions can positively or negatively affect the marine environment.


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Helpful Information

Our Education Manager is available to assist with any pre-visit and post visit queries.


Risk Assessment

Health & Safety

Download our H&S information before your visit



Public Liability Document


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The Learning Hub

Subscribe to our new Learning Hub! It supports teaching with exclusive video content and activities that will:

  • Cover topics across a variety of curriculum subjects
  • Use 'real life' subjects, objects, scenarios, and experiences
  • Provide engaging building blocks for continued learning in the classroom
  • Recap classroom learning and quiz student knowledge
  • Enable students to exclusively meet our experts and inspire careers
  • Offer a calendar of live lessons

£14.99 per year (£1.25 per month!)

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