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Our SEALIFE workshops provide a unique opportunity to honor, help, protect, and conserve our world's shared oceans. 

Our workshop shave a cross-curricular approach, with particular focus on:

    • Science (Adaptation, Inheritance, Evolution and Variation, Biological Processes, Marine Wildlife, Welfare and Conservation.)
    • Geography (Oceans Around The World, Ocean Habitats, Human Impact on the Ocean)
    • Literacy (Comprehension and Inference, Reading, Creative Writing Inspired by Wildlife)
    • Launches April 2023

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Download the two page Workshop Information Sheet or Workshop Information PowerPoint Presentation to review and share with your staff and colleagues.

*Please note that we are currently only offering the Sea Creatures Workshop*


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Sea Creatures Workshop

Recommended Age Group: 1st - 5th Grade

Invite students to learn about some of our core SEA LIFE creatures! Together they will dive into a world of amazing discovery to learn about three core creatures: sharks, jellyfish and seahorses - understanding their different needs and completing exclusive SEA LIFE quizzes for each. Students will think about the importance of animal welfare and use the core aquarium standards to create habitat exhibits for the different creatures, based on their standards to create habitat exhibits for the different creatures, based on their understanding of creatures' needs and happiness markers.

NGSS Curriculum Covered

1-LS1-1. 4LS1-1 Life Science: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes

2-LS4-1,3-LS4-3 Life Science: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

Education Workshop

Homes in the Sea (Available Starting April 1, 2024)

Recommended Ages: Preschool - Kindergarten

Visit creatures at home in the sea! Together we will dive into a world of amazing discovery to explore the fascinating and diverse habitats in our world’s ocean, and the animals that call them home! Students will discuss what we as humans need to survive, and how animals and all living things have similar needs, then dive in to explore just what makes the perfect underwater home for some of the world’s most amazing creatures.

Education Workshop

Sea Defenders (Available Starting February 1, 2024)

Recommended Ages: 3rd – 5th grade

Invite students to become Sea Defenders! They will investigate it is important to protect our oceans, raising awareness of their own relationships with the ocean and how their daily actions can positively or negatively affect the marine environment. Students should be inspired to make changes in their lifestyle and actively contribute towards solutions.

Education Workshop

Habitat Explorers (Available Starting June 1, 2024)

Recommended Ages: 6th - 8th grade

Invite students to become Habitat Explorers as they dive deep underwater into the ocean habitats of some of our SEA LIFE creatures! Together they will jump into a world of amazing discovery to learn about the different zones of the ocean and the creatures that live there. Thinking about habitats and adaptation, students will consider the challenges of different micro-habitats in the ocean, matching creatures and their adaptations to the different zones that they discover, and eventually creating their very own sea creatures!

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