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Dive Communication Show At Deep Reef Resized

Tropical Ocean

Be dazzled by our "Tropical Ocean" exploration zone. This gigantic 7-metre-high aquarium gives you a panoramic view of astoundingly beautiful coral and fish species. Information boards are set up to provide you with interesting information about their life cycles as well as the importance of marine preservation efforts.


Did you know?

Did you know that Hump Head Maori Wrasse is the biggest fish in coral reefs with a remarkable bright green 2 metre long body and protruding forehead. Its strong mouth can break through coral to find prawns and crabs.



Baby Nemo

Coral Reef Inhabitants

Coral Reefs are one of the most beautiful and important habitats on Earth. They cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, yet over 25% (that's 1 quarter) of marine species depend on this habitat in…

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Coral Reefs
Clown Fish Pxhere


Did you know that Clownfish live in the venomous tentacles of Sea Anemones? They are one of the only ocean creatures that can do this as they are protected by a layer of slimy mucus on their skin!…

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Coral Reefs
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Lionfish are covered in venomous spines and therefore have few predators! They are one of the most venomous fish in the sea!

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Coral Reefs


These fish can famously suck water in to massively inflate the size of their body to scare off predators. It isn't very good for them as it squashes their internal organs so you should never try to…

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Coral Reefs

Moray Eel

You'll spot these guys in our Breed Rescue Protect area. Moray Eels have a second set of jaws down their throat to help pull their food down their long body!

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Coral Reefs