Take a breathtaking ride in the AquaDom

AquaDom Berlin

Unique in the world
A highlight of your visit to SEA LIFE Berlin will be taking a breathtaking ride in our unique AquaDom. Since May 2004, it is located in the “DomAquarée". The AquaDom is the largest cylindrical tank in the world, containing over 1 million litres of water, coral reef and hundreds of stunning fish - it is the perfect end to a fun visit to the SEA LIFE Berlin. The AquaDom was built by the Union Investment Real Estate GmbH and biological management lies with the Berlin Society for Large Aquariums (BGG).

AquaDom Facts
- 25 metres high
- Weighs over 2,000 tons
- 12 metres wide
- Over 1 million litres of water
- Over 1,500 fish – ca. 97 different species

The exotic under water world
1,500 fish of 97 different species are waiting to be discovered as you ride in the glass elevator up through the AquaDom. - -

Feeding / Cleaning

Visitors have the opportunity to watch the AquaDom being cleaned by 3-4 divers every day Monday to Saturday between 11am and 1pm. Daily feeds also take place at 2pm every day (except Wednesday) - 8kg food is being served each day! Other feeding times are listed here >
Subject to change.

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Special Occasions & Events

AquaDom Berlin

The AquaDom is an ideal location for a romantic wedding. Tie the knot amongst exotic fish in a very special place.

More information on the location and contact info can be found on the events page.

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Opening Hours

10am - 6 pm
10am - 5pm
11am - 6pm

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