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CAMMY AND ERNIE: Our two giant green sea turtles live inside our magnificent ocean tank. There is so much to discover about these amazing creatures, come along to Turtle tea time at 1pm to learn all about them.

GIANT JAPANESE SPIDER CRABS: Enter the Lair of the Giant Crab and come face to claw with our giant Japanese spider crab. They can live for up to 100 years and when fully grown measure 3m from claw to claw – big enough to stand over the top of a Mini Cooper car!

COW NOSE RAYS: Come and meet our friendly rays inside our ocean tank and stingray bay. Ray's are very social creatures and take long migrations in schools.

Things To Do


    Dive beneath the waves at Sea Life Manchester and come face to fin with over 2,000 creatures! Get up close to majestic sharks, enchanting jellyfish and Ernie and Cammy - our magnificent giant green sea turtles. Don’t miss the chance to soak up the amazing view from the sea bed in our Ocean Tunnel.


    Find out how it feels to touch a starfish, crab, scarlet cleaner shrimp and other creatures living in our interactive Rockpool experience, plus learn all about our residents at our daily talks and animal feeds


    Step behind the scenes and get a sneak peek at the inner workings of a SEA LIFE aquarium. Discover how much work our aquarists put in to caring for all of our creatures, from preparing and storing their food to welcoming new animals into our quarantine zone.

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Breed, Rescue, Protect

By sharing the wonder and beauty of our oceans, we hope you’ll learn to love them as much as we do. SEA LIFE Manchester allows visitors to experience the ocean’s hidden marvels, and our expert staff are dedicated to and passionate about conservation.

In 2019, SEA LIFE Trust is proud to open the world's first beluga whale sanctuary, which will become the new home to its first residents, two female beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White when they move from Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai, China.

Want to know more? Speak to our staff or head to the website here.