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Dive in and discover our interactive themed zones

Along the way, you'll encounter some of the world's most incredible animals, including magnificent sharks, colourful clownfish, inquisitive sea turtles, thousands of tropical fish and much, much more.

Ernie Turtle

Turtle Beach

Start your journey at turtle beach, an interactive, a unique 3D projection experience that navigates you through the life cycle of a sea turtle, from egg to the sea.

Meet our Turtles

Rocky Hideout

Rocky Hideout

Venture deep into the worlds underwater cave system in Rocky Hideout. Little ones can explore mini caves and immersive tank displays to get up close to some weird and wonderful species.

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Jellyfish Seas

Our mesmerising sea nettle jellyfish live inside an interactive colour-changing tank. Select a colour and watch it change as the jellyfish float around enchantingly.

Shark Shipwreck at SEA LIFE

Shark Shipwreck

Underwater worlds can form anywhere, even shipwrecks. Explore a range of tanks that house a variety of species who would all be able to call a shipwreck home.

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Coral Reef Tunnel at SEA LIFE

Coral Reefs

Welcome to a kaleidoscope of colour! Our Coral Reef is bustling with activity, filled with fish of every shape, colour and pattern you could imagine. 

Ocean Tunnel at Manchester

Ocean Tunnel

Step inside our incredible ocean tunnel and find yourself fully submerged in the wonders of our tropical seas, surrounded by amazing creatures including sharks, tangs, rays and green sea turtles.

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Ocean Window

Ocean Window

Get another view of our mesmerising tropical ocean tank, how many different species can you spot?
Little ones can also have a different kind of deep-sea adventure in our sub-aqua soft play area.

Children watching the stingrays at SEA LIFE

Stingray Bay

Enter the mesmerising stingray bay and watch as the stingrays glide around with the sharks and fish that live in here too. There's pufferfish, a variety of sharks and tangs, as well as a whole schools of rays!

Meet our Rays

Sea ranger zone at SEA LIFE

Sea Ranger

Journey back in time to the age of the dinosaurs to discover where fish came from.

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AD6 1477 (1)


Step into the world of the rockpool and meet our sea-superstars! 

Meet our Rockpool Creatures