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  • SEA LIFE, Rockpool

Step into the world of the rockpool and meet our sea-superstars.

Rockpools are amazing micro-habitats full of incredible creatures! On your visit to SEA LIFE Manchester you can get closer than ever before to them, read more about some of the creatures you might encounter…

Fire Shrimp at SEA LIFE Manchester Aquarium

Fire shrimp

Fire shrimp are named mainly for their hot red colour!

They are SUPER smart and can learn to recognise people. If you put your hand in the water and keep very still they will greet you by climbing into your palm!

Touch a Chocolate Chip Starfish at SEA LIFE Manchester Aquarium

Chocolate Chip Starfish

Sea stars are found in every ocean in the world! There are over 2000 known species, each one is full of surprises!

This species gets its name from the appearance of little brown chocolate drops all over its body.

  • Starfish have no brain, heart or blood! What they do have is a specialised stomach. They can eject part of it out of their body to digest food much bigger than their mouth, and then suck it all back in to finish digesting it... Gross!
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

All skunk cleaner shrimp are born male!

But they do become both male AND female (hermaphrodite) when they reproduce.

They LOVE cleaning and help other fish and creatures stay clean by removing dead particles and harmful parasites from them. Maybe one will try to clean your finger if you gently put it near them...