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Turtles are ancient reptiles that have been around for over 200 million years!

Meaning they shared our planet with the earliest Dinosaurs.

There are over 300 species of Turtle in our oceans and rivers today. There are seven species of Sea Turtles – some are critically endangered! They are hunted for their beautiful shells and eggs, and often caught in fishing nets or plastic litter.

Green Sea Turtles

Turtles are reptiles. They have to breathe air and are often seen coming to the surface to fill their lungs. They can hold their breath for many hours at a time if they are not stressed, for example when they go to sleep.

Green Sea Turtle
Cammy and Ernie the green sea turtles at SEA LIFE Manchester

Meet Cammy and Ernie

We have two magnificent giant green sea turtles named Cammy and Ernie. They live in our tropical ocean tank - say hello as they swim by! 

  • Cammy and Ernie could have a very long romance ahead - they can live for up to 80 years! They do bicker though - just like a real-life married couple
  • They are both target trained, meaning they have specific areas in the tank they go to when their target is dropped into the water at feeding time
  • Green sea turtles get their name from the colour of their skin in the wild which is green due to the amount of seaweed they eat. Here, we feed them a tasty diet of lettuce, broccoli and sprouts
Small Turtle

Long way home

  • Turtles take long migrations between their feeding grounds and the beaches where they lay their eggs
  • The temperature of the sand in which a Sea Turtle's eggs are buried determines what gender they will be. If it's warmer they'll be girls, cooler and they'll be boys!

Breed, rescue, protect

SEA LIFE rescues, rehabilitates and releases many Sea Turtles each year which have been injured or lost their way. 

Giant green sea turtles are endangered in the wild. SEA LIFE has developed a BREED, RESCUE, PROTECT programme to help support species like sea turtles. Find out more about how SEA LIFE Manchester support this below.

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Plastic Bag

Plastic bags

Plastic bags are deadly to Sea Turtles which often mistaking them for their favourite food, Jellyfish, and choke on them.