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Ocean Tunnel

Step inside our incredible ocean tunnel!

Find yourself fully submerged in the wonders of our tropical seas, surrounded by amazing creatures including sharks, tangs, rays and green sea turtles.

Here are some of the wonderful creatures you will see in our ocean tunnel:

Blacktip Shark at SEA LIFE

Blacktip reef sharks

There are 7 blacktip reef sharks who are all still juveniles and are part of SEA LIFE's ongoing conservation efforts to breed this species.

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Napoleon Wrasse at SEA LIFE

Humphead Napoleon Wrasse

Meet Bonaparte, he's pretty hard to miss! As he gets older, the bump on his head will get bigger.

Cow Nosed Rays

Cow Nose Stingrays

Meet our friendly rays, who always seem to be smiling! A group of rays is called a fever, watch as they glide by.

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Grouper at SEA LIFE

Queensland Grouper

Derek, our Queensland Grouper, is the grumpiest looking resident of our Ocean Tank. These are the largest species of bony fish found in the coral reefs near Queensland, where they get their name.

Guitar Fish

Black Chin Guitarfish

Guitarfish are bottom feeders, so you will usually see our guitarfish Jet gliding around the bottom of our ocean tank.