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Celebrating the birth of our first rare baby Gentoo penguin in 2017!

We are very excited to be welcoming a special new arrival to our Gentoo penguin colony with the hatching of our very first rare Gentoo penguin chick!


The chick is being cared for by its doting parents, who have flown from opposite ends of the earth to find love in the Midlands


Discover the chick's story in the video below:

This is the first Gentoo penguin breeding success since the arrival of our colony in 2014, a great achievement due to the threatened nature of the Gentoo species who have been listed as ‘near threatened’ on the IUCN red list until 2016 due to declining populations.


The baby penguin weighed just 91 grams at birth and will continue to eat from mum’s regurgitated food until it’s old enough to begin learning how to feed. A DNA test will be carried out to determine the sex after three to four months.


The babies are doing really well and growing quickly – come and meet the chicks on your next visit!

Penguin Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons have now begun for our rare baby Gentoo penguins! The team have been helping them get used to water with a special pool behind the scenes before they start swimming in the larger pool in their enclosure.





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