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Meet the latest addition to our penguin colony!

The team are very excited to be welcoming a special new arrival to our Gentoo penguin colony with the hatching of baby penguin.


After a successful breeding season, parents, Prince and Hyacinth, are overjoyed with the news and are taking extra special care of their fluffy little offspring.

Come and say hello!

Watch the chick's first moments!

Another success for our Gentoo penguin breeding programme!

The animal care team are extremely excited with the news. Since the arrival of the colony in 2014, the team have been working hard to ensure the conditions are perfect for the penguins to breed. 

The new baby penguin is currently feeding from it's parents before it's old enough to learn how to feed independently. Parents and guests will soon see the baby penguin plodding around it's home and taking it's first plunge into the icy water.

Come and say hello!


Covid-19 Update
We are so excited to welcome you back to our magical underwater world! Please remember it is now essential for all guests to pre-book a time slot for your visit, including for annual passes, flexi tickets and all promotional vouchers - All visits can be booked or reserved here.

To ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff, we would ask that if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, or are living in an area currently subject to extended lockdown measures, you can rearrange your visit by contacting us directly at slcbirmingham@merlinentertainments.biz. To find out about the health and safety measures in place to ensure we re-open safely, please click here.
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