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Annual Pass Exclusive - Seals in the City

Meet our fostered friends

13th & 14th April from 9am

Annual Pass holders can be some of the first to dive in and explore our brand new world class Rescue Facility, and meet our two fostered seals who have just taken up residency in this specially engineered environment - Boo and Miley!


Spot them up close as they swim and play in their new home and discover more about how we take care of these amazing creatures from our Sea Life experts - don’t miss one of the feeding demonstrations to see first-hand how they feast! Learn more about the threats these beautiful creatures are facing in the wild, from climate change to plastic pollution, and what you can do to help, when you get face to flipper with our new seal residents!


Don't miss this special opportunity to visit the centre exclusively before opening to the public! Meet our fostered seals in our new Mammal Rescue Facility and encounter over 2000 other amazing creatures including sharks, Gentoo penguins and our giant green sea turtle, Mo, before getting closer than ever to hundreds of glittering fish as you venture through the awe-inspiring 360 degree Ocean Tunnel.


Each annual pass holder attending will receive their very own free National SEA LIFE Centre seal pop badge to add to their collection!



Click the link below for the date you'd like to book:

Saturday 13th April 9am - 9.30am

Sunday 14th April 9am - 10am

Instructions, Terms and Conditions:

Select an entry time to the attraction on Eventbrite. Please arrive within this selected time slot as places are limited, late arrivals cannot be guaranteed entry. Please only select 1 Eventbrite ticket per annual pass holder. This event is for SEA LIFE Annual Passholders and Merlin Annual Passholders only. Annual pass must be presented at admissions with a valid Eventbrite ticket. Subject to availability, one pop badge per annual pass holder.