Group of 10+ Offer

"Group of 10+ Offer" tickets are tickets allowing access to the aquarium for from 10 people (excluding children under 3 years old)

Group of 10+ offer: save 20% !

All year round, take advantage of reduced costs buying your tickets online .

How does it work?

Are you 10 or more ? Choose the day of your visit amongst the dates suggested in the vending calendar and follow the instructions. Online credit card payment is completely secure. Print your tickets at home or present your mobile booking confirmation at the entrance of the aquarium on the day of your visit. Only one admission ticket will be given to all group in exchange and you will be able to access the aquarium together.

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Group of 10+ Offer


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Child (3-11 years)




Child (Under 3)




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What should I know about online tickets

Take the time to look at our most frequently asked questions, you may find what you are looking for!

Tickets bought online:
- Are dated and are non-refundable
- Give access to the centre for from 10 people (children under 3 excluded)
- Do not allow you to skip the queues
- Can not be cumulated with other reduced prices, promotional offers, prepayed tickets and free vouchers (the "1 Child free entry" coupon in particular)

Terms of use for the Group online Ticket

Only credit cards are accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro. American Express or a National Credit Card (credit card with restricted usage given by some banks) are not accepted.

What means of payment can I use to buy tickets online?

Print your tickets at home or present your mobile booking confirmation on the day of your visit.

I don't have a printer. Can I still buy my tickets online?

The invoice of your online purchase is the confirmation email sent automatically when the payment is registered. That's why it is very important you properly fill the field "email address" during the procedure. No invoice will be given out onsite.

I would like an invoice for buying tickets online. Is it possible?

Carefully read the terms and conditions on the promotional coupon (small characters possibly on the back of the coupon). These often have the condition of buying an adult ticket full price at the entrance to the aquarium (example : "Child free" or "2nd ticket at 1€" coupons). For the offer to be valid, you are obliged to buy one adult ticket (at the entrance to the centre) per coupon you would like to use.

I have a promotional coupon : can I use that too?

SEA LIFE Val d'Europe aquarium is entirely accessible to persons of reduced mobility. At the ticket office of the aquarium, a visitor of reduced mobility can have a free adult guide. However, this offer is not available if you purchase your ticket online. Please remember that your disabled persons' card may be asked of you to benefit from a free guide.

My child will turn 3 during this year, should I pay?

Yes! Online tickets, as well as tickets bought at the ticket office of the aquarium, allow you to access every area in the aquarium (unless the area is exceptionally closed for repairs or security reasons). They also allow you to leave the aquarium and come back later during opening hours.

I want to purchase my tickets online, will I get same advantages as tickets bought on-site?

Online ticket prices are only available for online ticket purchases. They do not apply at the ticket office.

I prefer buying at the entrance to the centre. Can I benefit from online prices on-site?

Purchasing tickets on our website is entirely secure and receives our most thorough attention. As a result, the smallest mistake or misunderstanding during the payment process may be the source of your problem.

In case of an error message:
1. Empty your basket (if it hasn't already been automatically emptied by the system)
2. Close the internet page and restart your computer
3. When the computer is rebooted, open the Internet page again and go back to our website
4. Start the payment process again

What you should check:
- Type of the card: is your card type appearing in the expanding menu? If not, that's because your card type (in particular American Express, National Card, Diner's) isn't accepted by our system. To proceed with your online payment, you will need a valid payment card.
- For MasterCard and Visa: Choose "Debit" and not "Credit" in the rolling menu
- Don't fill the "valid from" field (reserved for foreign cards)
- Check the email address and personal information
- Enter the visual cryptogram properly (on the back of your card)
- Some banks will ask you to enter a further security code: a page will appear on the validation of the payment with your bank logo and will ask you to follow a set of instructions. If, at the end of this step, payment is rejected, contact your bank, the only ones in a position to give you assistance.

I can't proceed with the online payment. What's wrong?

You have successfully managed your payment and we thank you for it. Print your tickets and show up on the chosen date after 4pm at the ticket office booth, on level 0 (near the Fnac) or directly at the aquarium entrance, level -1. Be careful, online tickets don't allow you to skip ahead the queue. Give the printed tickets to a cashier in order to obtain your entry ticket.

Please note : One admission ticket will be given for all group. So it is not possible to enter the aquarium seperately.

I purchased my tickets online. What should I do now?

Online tickets don't give you a priority over the queues. Your Internet tickets must be exchanged at the aquarium ticket office for an entry ticket, so that we may welcome you and give you the brochures and information regarding your visit.

I purchased tickets online. Do have I to queue to enter the aquarium?

Online tickets are dated, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. They can only be used for the date they have been purchased for. We advise you to choose the day of your visit carefully before payment.

I purchased tickets online, but I got the date wrong/am not available on this date anymore. What should I do?

BOOK ONLINE and save up to 35% !

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