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Virtual reality

Réalité Virtuelle

Ocean explorer

Exclusively at the aquarium, experience a ride simulator paired with virtual reality! Dive into exceptional settings ranging from the humpback whales of the Pacific to the exploration of a shipwreck... A breathtakingly immersive experience to try at the entrance of your SEA LIFE aquarium.


The VR experience is not part of the admission fee and is to be purchased with the following rates :
  • solo dive +6€/experience in addition to your day ticket
  • two at a time +10€/experience in addition to your day tickets
  • without visiting 7€/experience 

Our VR Experiences

An underwater stroll with sea giants

You meet a beautiful pod of humpback whales as they migrate from Antartica! A rare, feeric experience captured on tape by one of the greatest free divers in the world.