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The octopus is an extraordinary animal, it has three hearts, eight arms and an almost entirely soft body!

Octopuses are molluscs, which means that they come from the same family as sea snails, or - closer to appearance - cuttlefish and squid. They are known to be particularly clever. In fact, they are one of the most intelligent families of invertebrate animals. In general, the octopus is a solitary animal that runs away from the presence of its fellow creatures. It feeds on all kinds of prey such as crabs, small groundfish and shellfish.

The absence of a skeleton makes it the king of escape. The octopus is able to pass through tiny holes and crevices. As long as the opening is wide enough to let its hard beak through, nothing can resist it. It is also able to instantly change the colour and appearance of its skin to adopt the perfect camouflage, allowing it to hide from predators and make itself harder for its prey to detect.

We have a small common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) on display in the aquarium which will amuse you during its moments of awakening with its vivacity.