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Meet our gentoo penguins and our king penguins!

Manchots Papous 2

Unlike its flying cousins at the North Pole, the penguins; penguins are only found at the South Pole and are unfit to fly. But it is underwater that penguins reveal all their agility.

The two species that will be presented at Sea Life are native to the sub-Antarctic islands of the Southern Ocean. Some of these colonies are even concentrated as far as the coasts of the great continent of Antarctica, where the climatic conditions are the harshest on Earth.

The 90 cm high king penguin is the second largest member of its family after the emperor penguin. And because king penguins like to be different from the others...they incubate a single egg not on a nest but on their legs and protect it with their plumage.
The Papuan penguin, on the other hand, is one of the most colourful penguins with its bright orange beak and pink legs. With a height of 70cm he is the third largest penguin. It is also the fastest underwater penguin, with top speeds of up to 35km/hour.

Good to know: 

All climatic conditions and atmospheres will be created to immerse the public in the penguins' natural habitat (350m2).
In winter, the day length is reduced and this for about 3 months. The manchotière will gradually become extinct earlier and earlier until 21 December, the first day of winter. Also, until the end of January, the 2nd feeding of the penguins is at 3pm (instead of 4pm).