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Bassin Intéractif 1

Thanks to an underwater camera, our animator will make you discover a starfish, a crab, a sea anemone, and even a shark's egg!

The rocky ponds are formidable micro-habitats which shelter a whole small fauna. 

Rock pools form when, as the tides go out, the sea retreats, forming small shallow basins. Many animals find refuge in these water cavities, and have to adapt to wide variations in water quality and temperature.

If you see rocky pools in the wild, remember these important rules:

- Take care of your safety: the rocks are sometimes very slippery! Wear suitable shoes and watch out for the surf. In addition, do not touch anything we do not know about.

-Be kind to animals: Put each rock back exactly where you found it and try not to disturb any animals you find. Never take them home with you, as this could lead to their being condemned!