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With a flat rhomb shaped body, rays are very close sharks’ cousins. Like them they have a very rough skin with strong small scales and powerful teeth to break shells. Rays have 7 senses to identify their preys and their predators. Friendy and curious, they are waiting for you in the central area of the aquarium. Observe them, touch their back gently ! It’s an amazing meeting for children and grown-up.

At SEA LIFE Paris we have 6 species of rays. 4 of them are totally inoffensive for humans but 2 species have one or two stings in the tail. We called them Stingrays.
In the great tank of Amazonia, the soft water stingray (Potamotrygon motoro) likes sleeping in the sand. Well recognizable by its circle marks on the back and its beautiful brown color, that ray is ovoviviparous which means that they do not lay eggs but keep them into their body during development of embryos.

Last June, one of our soft water Stingrays was in a strange mood. Worried about that behaviour, aquarists decided to put her into a special tank to care for her. And what a surprise a morning to find with her three healthy cute babies! They installed newborn rays into a small tank and give them their first lunch. For the mum, more food and after an observation period, she returned in the big tank with the others.

You can meet them in “Amazonia” area! To know them better, this is some few information about our triplets :

Names: Diego, Tinga & Juanita
Gender: 1 male and 2 female
Age: Born in SEA LIFE Paris in 2010, July 1st
Favourite food: small pieces of shrimps and mussels
How to recognize them: Diego is the biggest, and Tinga the darkest of the two female

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Would you like to learn more about rays? Let’s listen to ray talks at 10.30am, 14.30pm and 15.30pm!

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