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All New! Splash and Bubbles: 4-D Undersea Adventure

Now Showing in our 4-D Cinema

All New 4-D Film Now Showing!

The hit PBS KIDS series Splash and Bubbles comes to life in this brand-new 4-D Experience® filled with music, fun and everyone’s favorite citizens of the sea!


In this all-new quest under the sea, Dunk the pufferfish loses his special lucky pebble that gives him the courage he needs to be adventurous. Upon hearing the news, his fellow Reeftown Rangers – Splash, Bubbles, and Ripple – join in the search to find it. Together, these four friends “catch a current” to travel around the world and see wonders like the kelp forest, a whale migration, and even an active underwater volcano! They will also meet great friends like Lu the football fish, Tidy the garibaldi fish and Maury the moray eel. And of course, there is no better way to end an adventure than a party in Reeftown with their newest friends – YOU!


Dive in with this all-new 4-D Experience!


Splash and Bubbles: 4-D Undersea Adventure is a 12-minute show, available at the 4-D Cinema on the 3rd floor of the aquarium, and is included with all entry tickets. Showings are available every day, and take place at regular intervals throughout the day.


The 4-D Cinema may not be suitable for children who are easily startled by surprises, loud music, or periods of darkness or for those who have back or spinal conditions. Theatrical lighting is used in the Sensorama 4-D Cinema, including strobe lighting.

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