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  • SEA LIFE, Bay of Rays

Be enchanted by our assortment of amazing rays!

Our resident rays are particularly Native Thornback, Blonde and Painted Rays. They are native to the UK and if you want to get really close to our creatures then you MUST pay a visit to the Bay of Rays zone. You will get a chance to find out more about our Rays with talks and demos from our team of SEA LIFE experts.

Most of our Rays are adults at 5-7 years old. They are not dangerous and have no venomous barb on the tip of their tail. They cannot generate electricity. However, they do have quite sharp ridges and spikes on their topmost sides!

Bowmouth Guitar Shark

This wonderfully bizarre animal is called a Bowmouth Guitarfish. Though it is classified as a Ray, really it is half Ray and half Shark! Rays evolved from Sharks but this species stopped somewhere in-between.

They are typically encountered on or near the bottom of the sea bed, though on occasion they may be seen swimming well above it. They generally are more active swimmers at night.

Bowmouth Guitarfish Shark