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Native Ray

Native Thornback, Blonde and Painted Rays

If you want to get really close to our creatures then you MUST pay a visit to the Rays. You’ll find them in the Bay of Rays , next to Coral Cave. You will get a chance to find out more about our Rays with talks and demos from our team of SEA LIFE experts.

Most of our Rays are adults at 5-7 years old. They are not dangerous and have no venomous barb on the tip of their tail. They cannot generate electricity. However, they do have quite sharp ridges and spikes on their topmost sides.

We do not allow our guests to touch the Rays because excessive touching of the Rays disrupts their protective slime coating. This coating is the fish’s first line of defence from external parasites and illnesses. It protects the animals’ wellbeing. Also, excessive handling is unnatural and potentially stressful.

We have had lots of success breeding our Rays and have even sent young Rays to other aquariums across the country. If you spot Rays in the tank with wounds on them it may be because of their mating practice whereby the male uses his claspers (either side of this tail) to clasp on to the female.

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