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Moray Eel

  • SEA LIFE, Ocean Tunnel

The fascinating Moray Eel has two sets of jaws!

  • Moray eels can tie themselves in a knot to ensure they get a good grip on their food!
  • Their average number of offspring is 10,000!

Discover on your visit

  • Moray Eels peeking from their hiding holes in the Coral Cave area!
  • Why their favourite food is squid and mackerel!
Moray Eel with mouth open at SEA LIFE

Did you know?

The gaping mouth is often mistaken as a threat display. But Morays have to do this in order to breathe!

Meet Ozzy the Moray Eel and his other Eel friends in our tropical displays. Look carefully! Sometimes they are shy and hide in their tanks, conserving their energy. Will you spot them all?