CLAWS Exhibition


CLAWS’, our latest ocean discovery experience, displaying some of the world’s most exciting crustaceans. It’s sure to entertain your little nippers.


Our Giant Japanese Spider Crab, is the centre of the show with its enormous claws and one metre leg span.


Other amazing crustaceans on display include Rainbow Crabs, which will dazzle the public with their vibrantly coloured shells, the small but incredibly powerful Mantis Shrimp and Hermit crabs, famous for inhabiting shells and using them as their own ‘mobile homes’


Our extremely rare Albino Lobster was heading for a seafood restaurant in London but rescued by SEA LIFE, Manchester after being found off the coast of Weymouth.


In addition to seeing the amazing creatures you can learn all about them with our interactive displays. Test your strength on our crab claws simulator, and take a lucky dip to feel the texture of various species of crabs

Giant Japanese Spider Crab

CLAWS Exhibition

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