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Behind the Scenes tour

Have you always wondered how to manage an aquarium?

What do you do to keep the water quality good or where does the fish get their food from? Do you know what to do if a fish is unwell? What do you need to think about when diving?

Come along to the guided Behind the Scenes tour, where you'll learn about the things above and a lot more at the same time as you get to discover areas of the aquarium that are only accessible to staff. You may even meet an aquarist along the way!

The tour can be booked at location on the admission desk or from the pop up window at . The tour takes 20min and they run every hour from 11am onwards. The final tour of the day is at 4pm.

The max. amount of people on a tour is 4. Please note the tour may include people from different households. Staff and guests are expected to wear a mask during the tour.  

The price of the tour is 5€/person. This is on top of your admission price.