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Talks and Feeding Times

For the whole day, there is so much to see and experience at Sea Life. Watch fish feedings and hear interesting facts about the fish.

Check below what you will experience during your visit.

Feedings and other presentations are included in the admissions ticket. Welcome!

Mangrove-altaan ruokinta

Mangrove tank feeding

The tropical mangrove tank has archerfish who know how to drop treats from heights by spitting water! You can also meet a ribbontail stingray that is known for its electric-blue dots. 

Feeding at the tank 13

  • Mon–Sun at 11.00


Ocean tank feeding

The fish in the largest pool of Sea Life are fed every day. Amongst them are the cool-looking blacktip reefsharks. 

Feeding at the tunnel

  • Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun at 15.00
  • Tue, Thu, Sat at 13.00

Image00001 (3)

Ray tank feeding

The daily feeding for funny-looking rays, big sea basses and other residents of the cold water tank. During the feeding the guide tells you how life is like in the cold oceans of the world. 

Feeding at the tank 29

  • Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun at 13.00
  • Tue, Thu, Sat at 15.00


Piranha feeding

Feeding at the tank 3

  • Piranhas are fed at 14.00 on Wednesdays


Electric eel feeding

In the Igapó rainforest at the beginning of the exhibition, you will find the exciting electric eel Eric!

Feeding at the tank 5

  • Electric eel is fed at 14.00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays


Seahorse feeding

Feeding at the tanks 26–28

  • Mon–Sun at 16.00


Meet & Greet with SEA LIFE aquarist

Have you always wanted to ask questions from the aquarist of SEA LIFE? Now it's possible! Come and meet our aquarist who will tell you about how they take care of the fish and tanks. You will also see seahorses being fed.

Meet & Greet at the tank 26

  • Sat at 12.15

Copy #1 Of Sokkelomureena (Gymnothorax Favagineus)

Moray eel feeding

Did you know that moray eels can live longer than 20 years? Come and meet our sweet honeycomb moray eel Oili!

Feeding at the tank 21

  • Sundays at 14.00


Arowana tank feeding

Our third largest tank with some of our biggest fishes! Come and find out why this tank goes also by the name of "Rescued fish tank". 

Feeding at the tank 38

  • Arowana tank is fed at 14.00 on Mondays and Fridays

Koralliriutan kalojen ruokinta

Coral reef feeding

Come and meet the beautiful and very colorful fish of coral reefs!

Feeding at the tanks 14 & 16

  • Mon-Sun at 12.00


Pupfish & kissing gourami feeding

Come and join our pupfish and kissing gourami feeding, where you'll hear about our pupfish conservation project and see the fish eat!

Feeding at tank 43 & 44

  • Fri-Sat at 17.00