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Hai Hupi - experience

Shark Fun – experience the magic of our oceans in a unique way!

Shark Fun is a breath-taking VIP-experience that takes you for a closer look into the enchanting world of sea creatures while a personal guide tells you all about it!

What do sea horses eat? What is the most dangerous animal in our aquarium? What is the most greedy fish? Did you know that most of our animals have funny names? Who do you imagine Antero could be? You´ll learn this and so much more interesting on what lies beneath during the experience as our expert guides take you deeper. You´ll also get to feed our sharks!

A shark-themes souvenir is included.

Shark Fun-tour takes 1,5 hours, which after you are more than welcome to spend the whole day in our attraction learning more about our beautiful creatures.

Arrange magical date night for your partner or have some amazing time with your friends! You can also book the Shark Fun just for yourself to enjoy. Recommended agelimit for the experience is six years old.

  • Price 1-2 persons: 125 €
  • Price 3-4 persons: 185 €

The package icludes the entrance tickets for the group, the VIP tour with a personal guide, shark feeding and a souvenir.

Book your Shark Fun- VIP experience via email from

Please note, that Shark Fun is available with limited times and dates only, so make sure to request your experience well advance prior your visit.

We reserve the right to make changes.

Terms and more information:

  • The experience is good to book well in advance. Contact our sales service at 
  • To be used during our normal openings hours.
  • We reserve the right to make changes.