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Kids playroom is here in 29.6.-26.7!

From 29.6.-26.7. we have a playroom for kids as part of the attraction, where they can play, draw or just relax for a bit whilst watching a kids film! The playroom is located at the end of the exhibition.

Event calendar for 2019!

Our new event calendar has been published! Follow us on Facebook or check our web pages to make sure you get the latest info on our upcoming events.

Underwater Superheroes 31.5.-22.9.2019

Become the superhero of your life this summer! Our new even, Underwater Superheroes, starts 31st of May and lasts throughout the summer! During the event you can test your own superpowers and see if your, e.g. as fast as a shark! Upon arrival you'll receive a trail leaflet where you can mark down your own test results! Don't forget our daily fish feedings, every hour from 11.00. as well as our souvenir shop! Did you know, you can visit our shop also without and entrance ticket!

Conservation Cove

Welcome to get to know the important topic of conservation!