Zebra shark

Zebra Shark

Our Zebra Shark, Sweetie (Mussukka in Finnish), arrived to SEA LIFE Helsinki from the bio centre in Weymouth for the Shark Weeks 2004. Sweetie is now about 10 years old and the favourite creature of the centre.

Zebra shark Sweetie is a living proof that sharks aren’t blood thirsty predators. When aquarists do maintenance work in the ocean tank the two meter long Sweetie usually approaches them to get scratched.

Thanks to its exceptionally long tail fin and slim body shape, the Zebra shark is able to move easily amongst corals and craves. Zebra sharks usually like to be alone and are rarely in groups, and hunt at night. During the day Zebra sharks rest sluggishly on the bottom.

At some dive sites divers feed Zebra sharks. The sharks are familiar with divers and even allow being stroked. Apparently Zebra sharks have never attacked humans.

Keep yourself updated on what happens in SEA LIFE's ocean tank on a daily basis! You can have a look at Zebra Shark Sweetie's life in a live camera as well as the hundreds of other inhabitants of the tank!

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