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We have something fun and inspirational for all ages!

Combining active learning with fascinating educational talks and an opportunity to have an up close and personal view into our amazing aquatic world, a visit to SEA LIFE Helsinki is an educational experience like no other.

In addition to our amazing aquarium experience, we have guided tours and a workshop for schools available. In addition, we organise daily free feeding sessions for the animals where you can learn a lot more about the creatures.

And throughout the year, we host a program of fun events, like Pirates & Mermaids and Shark weeks, to raise awareness of marine conservation issues and threats to our sea creatures. 




Our School Program is perfect for introducing pupils to a range of scientific topics and encouraging excitement and curiosity about marine phenomena in the natural world. During their visit, the students will hear also how SEA LIFE protects the oceans for future generations. The students also hear how they can act and participate on conservation work.

Standard admission price for all comprehensive school and daycares are 5€/pupil. For every 5th paying pupil/child one adult gets in for free. Otherwise the price is 5€/person.

Admission + Sea Conservation themed guided 30min tour. Max. 20 students, 6,50€/pupil

Admission + Sea Lab-school program 30min. Theme is the ocean and climate change. Max. 20 students, 7€/pupil
This program takes place in the Sea Lab-ocean laboratory room, and not in the exhibition.


Please ask our sales service for prices for students in education after comprehensive school and mature students. 


Guided tours

Please note that during field trip season (May) we organize guided tours after 13.00.

All of the below guided tour prices are on top of the admission price. 


Own guide ( only for school and kindergarten groups, 30 minutes, max. 15 students / guide, 32€)
You have your own guide with you when you tour the exhibition - make sure you have all your questions ready! This open format tour is particularly suitable for the younger audience with lots of questions.  

Themed guided tour (30 minutes, max. 15 students / guide, 45€)
During your themed guided tour you will hear more about the chosen topic (e.g. sharks or rays). You can decide the theme also in advance.

Shark school (30 minutes, max. 15 students/guide, 45€)
In Shark school the students learn a lot more about sharks and their lives. Students get to see e.g. shark teeth, feel shark skin and egg cases together with our guides. During Shark school the students will participate on a small test. Every student will get their own diploma. 

15min guided tour (15 minutes, max. 15 students/guide, 25€)
For the time poor - this 15 minutes guided tour is an interactive experience with our staff. The tour emphasises on one creature.  

HaiLite (60 minutes, max. 15 students/guide, 85€)
1 hour HaiLite will take the group around our center and introduce all the exciting creatures such as our Zebra Shark Sweety. Due to the length of this tour, we don't recommend it to the youngest students. 


By introducing the our visitors to the beauty of underwater world, we also want to inspire them to help us with the conservations of oceans. During your visit, you will hear what SEA LIFE does for conservation. Children will also hear how they can help. 


Guided tours 

For kindergarten groups we have developed a specific guided tour program that are suitable for this younger age group.  

Shark pre-school (30 minutes, max. 15 children/guide, 32€)
Shark pre-school teaches a lot about shark! Children will get to know e.g. shark skin and teeth. They will also play a shark themed game. Every child gets their own diploma.

Own guide (30 minutes, max. 15 children/guide, 32€)
With your own guide you get to see and hear from our creatures around our center. This is perfect for groups with a  lot of questions!


Certain school programs/guided tours can also be adapted to kindergarten groups - please ask our sales service for more details on or 09 5658 2024. 

Class trips

Plan the greatest school day of the year! 

SEA LIFE Helsinki is great for class trips, in rain or shine! Come and meet our creatures: Zebra shark Sweetie, rays, jellyfish and our numerous tropical fish! 

You also get to listen in on our daily and hourly animal feeding times - for free!