Turtle Fest 2.-15.11.2015

turtle fest 2013

Join us for our traditional Turtle Fest -event from 2.11. to 15.11.2015! During these weeks, we teach you about Sea Turtles and the threats they face. Learn more about these fascinating creatures!

Daily extra programme during Turtle Fest:

13.30: Meet the Terrapins: get to know our cute little Reeve's Turtles
14.30: Turtle storytelling for kids (in Finnish)

Turtle Plastic

Saturday 14.11. 14.15

Our Curator Markus Dernjatin tells you more about the Mediterranean Sea Turtles and the current state of their conservation.
(The lecture is in Finnish.)

Zakynthos hosts more than 80-percent of nests of Mediterranean loggerhead turtles – as many as 2,000 nests in a good year. The Turtles face a number of hazards including disturbance on nesting beaches, swallowing plastic bags (mistaken for Jelly Fish) and being harassed by spotter boats.

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