Leafy seadragon

Weedy Seadragon

Jalma is our female weedy seadragon. Seadragons like her usually live in the waters off Australia and New-Zealand. The main difference you can spot between the seahorse and the seadragon is that the second hasn’t got a prehensile tail. This calm and helpless animal is endangered today.

Key species of the year at SEA LIFE Paris, Seahorses are the stars of the last part of the aquarium with 7 new tanks. Since the Antic times, people are surprised by this little creature so different from the others by its equine profile and its battleship aspect. Unfortunately, today a lot of species are endangered because of intensive fishing and the destroying of their life habit. Dead seahorses business it’s more than 24,5 millions seahorses each year since 2000 !

Things to Do

  • Meet Jalma our three year old Seadragon
  • Find out why she only eats live shrimps from the Amazonian area
  • Watch her camoflague among realistic bio models kelp
  • Spot her hiding in the algae

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