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The Green Turtle

There are more than 7 species of marine turtles all over the world. All species are endangered and more than 250 000 turtles are killed each year. The green turtle is one of them. From Caribbean Sea to North Australia by African coasts and Indian beaches, the green turtle is a real globe trotter. With life expectancy 50 years, she can measure maximum 1,50m long for 200 kg.

At SEA LIFE Paris, we have two green turtles. They live in perfect harmony with sharks and small colored fish in the big tropical tank. With maximum size 70 cm long for more than 50 kg, admire them in a beautiful Caribbean pirate ship decor. Our two turtles were born in Caiman Islands in captivity.

Names: Natasha & Briony
Gender: females
Age: 6 years old.
Favourite food: love to eat salad and green vegetables.
Habits: love to swim against the water current from the pumps for their “morning jogging”.
Friends in the tank: Two lazy sucker fish (Echeneis naucrates)

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Would you like to learn more about turtles? Let’s listen to turtle talks at 11.30am and 3.00pm!

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