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Who is SEA LIFE Helsinki for?

SEA LIFE Helsinki is suitable for all ages. Kids enjoy colorful fish and fish feedings whilst older visitors can enjoy the atmosphere. Kids under 3 years old get in for free. 

Are there any age restrictions?

SEA LIFE Helsinki is suitable for everybody however certain tours, e.g. Behind the Scenes -tour is not suitable for children under 10 years old. We also have a small playing area by our Ocean Tank specifically designed for younger visitors. Also in our meeting room Luoto you can find some toys during certain times of the year. 


Do your prices differ online to what they are on the day?

Yes. Tickets purchased online are always cheaper.

Where can I buy the entrance tickets?

You can buy them easily from our web shop or from out ticket sales in our center. We also sell gift cards both online and onsite. 


Do you accept service vouchers (e.g. Smartum)?

Unfortunately service vouchers (ie. Smartum) are not accepted. Please note that some of our resellers of do accept service vouchers. If you want to use your service vouchers to visit SEA LIFE, contact for more information.


Can I pay the entrance wth my credit or debit card?

Yes! We accept cash and all major Credit and Debit card.

I have a discount coupon. Can I combine it with an online ticket?

Our campaign coupons cannot be combined with an online ticket because the web shop prices are already discounted. Coupons campaigns can be applied only to full rate tickets. Please check your coupon for the terms and conditions, as the details may vary on each campaign.

I need personal assistance to visit. Can I bring my attendant with me?

Yes! People with disabilities can visit us with a personal attendant. Personal attendants will be permitted a free entry. If the assisted person is under 3 years old, the assistant needs to pay entrance fee. 

Where can I buy my Annual Pass?

You can buy your Annual Pass easily from our web shop or ticket sales. SEA LIFE Annual Pass you get to visit our center as many times as you want during 1 year. Annual Pass is valid from the day of purchase, not calendar year.


Where can I purchase my tickets?

We have many different options for booking and purchasing tickets. You can buy them online or on the day here at SEA LIFE Helsinki. Please note that tickets booked online are valid 1 month. You can also get extra online discount by entering your S-Card card number into our webshop. (Please note there is no S-Card discount on the door.) Gift vouchers can be purchased either at our admissions desk or online. 

Do you sell tickets to other destinations in Helsinki area?

We have interesting deals to many other destinations as well! Currently you can buy your comboticket to Flying Cinema, SkyWheel Helsinki or Rush trampoline park. Please ask more from our ticket sales. 

Can I pay with debit or credit card?

Yes, we accept debit cards and all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Diners, American Express).

What happens if I can’t make it on the day I have pre-booked guided tour for?

If you are unable to visit on the day you have booked for we can re-book your tour. Please inform us in advance. Our number is +358 9 5658 200.

I have booked online and been charged twice, what should I do?

 If you have been charged twice please contact our bookings line on +358 9 5658 200.

I have double booked by mistake, what should I do?

If you have double booked please contact us on +358 9 5658 200.

I have booked my tickets for the wrong day, what should I do?

If you have booked for the wrong date we can change the day as long as there is space on our guides timetable. Please contact us on +358 9 5658 200 for more help. 


How long will it take me to visit view the whole attraction?

On average it will take you 1.5 to 2 hours to enjoy the full experience of SEA LIFE Helsinki. However this depends completely on you and how long you would like to enjoy our underwater world.

Where do I need to queue?

When you arrive at the aquarium you will find that we have a general queue line in our ticket sales. Usually there is no queue but during peak season / holidays you might have to wait some time.  Please ask one of our very friendly members of staff who will be more than happy to assist you.

Can we touch the creatures?

For the health and safety of you and our animals, we ask that you do not touch any of our animals unless invited to by a member of staff. We have a rock-pool display where you are welcome to touch some creatures under the supervision of our fully trained staff. 

Are there any creatures we can feed?

There are many other feeds and talks that you can watch but not participate in too. Please view our Talks and Feeding times page for information on all the feeds and talks we do daily.

Am I allowed to take photos at SEA LIFE Helsinki?

Yes you can as we want you to take your memories of our creature’s home with you, however we do not permit the use of any flash photography as this can scare and harm and even blind our creatures. The use of tripods is also not permitted and if you wish to use a tripod you will need to arrange this with our marketing team.

Is there anywhere to store my belongings or pushchair?

We do have a cloakroom but if you wish to leave your belongings there, it is with your own risk. 

Do you have a gift shop?

We do have a gift shop and this is located at the exit of SEA LIFE Helsinki. This is also accessible without entry to the SEA LIFE Manchester itself. To contact our gift shop please email your query to

Can I eat and drink once inside SEA LIFE Helsinki?

You can eat your own snacks in certain areas. Our meeting rooms are suitable for this if there is no meeting going on. It is not allowed to eat or drink in our center.  

Is there anywhere to eat lunch at SEA LIFE Helsinki?

We do have a cafe located next to us called Carccila. From there you can buy small snacks or warm buffet-lunch from there.

What happens if I need to leave before the end of my visit?

All tickets are valid for the whole day, so you are free to enter and exit at your leisure. Please ensure your however that your hand is stamped before exiting so that you can gain re-entry.

Is there a place for nursing mothers?

Please check with our staff for more instructions. 


Can I organize my own event in SEA LIFE Helsinki?

Yes you can. You can organise private events or an event at the same time as the attraction is open to the public. 

Please contact us on or +358 9 5658 2024 where we can plan it more. 

What happens during feedings?

Our staff does feedings every hour. You can check our updated feeding timetable from our websites. 

Can we watch someone take part in a feeding experience?

No. Due to space limitations there are no spectator tickets available for the Feeding Experiences.

Do I need to wear anything special for my visit?

We don't require any specific clothes. Just make sure your shoes are comfortable.

How do I book guided tour?

Guided tours need to be booked at least 2 weeks prior to your visit. You can pay the tour when you arrive or with invoice. Invoicing extra is 9€. You can book your guided tour by calling us on +358 9 5658 200 or by email There is no minimum amount of participants for guided tour and maximum amount depends on the tour. Please note we make tours in Finnish and English, Swedish language can't be guaranteed.

What kind of events can I organize in SEA LIFE Helsinki?

Depends on what you want to organize! We plan the events together with you so that you get the most out of your experience. Contact us and ask for your offer! 


Shopping in SEA LIFE Helsinki

From our shop you can find everything for children and adults!

Stuffed animals, giant shark or game for the smallest ones? Gifts for friends or maybe candies for the whole family? All this and much more you can find from our own shop! Remember to spot the new products as well! 

SEA LIFE Shop is open daily according to our opening hours. The shop is located outside the exhibition, so you don't even need a ticket to enter!

Don't forget...

  • Toys and games

  • Gifts

  • Stuffed animals

  • Sweets and candies

  • Gift cards and Annual Passes

  • Post cards and - stamps

Special discount for Annual Pass holders

Shop even cheaper! With your Annual Pass you get -20% off our normal priced products. You cannot combine the discount. Discount doesn't include post stamps, guide books or WWF-products. 


Corona virus update

Unfortunately we have had to temporarily close SEA LIFE Helsinki following advice from the Finnish government and THL in an effort to contain the coronavirus COVID-19. The attraction will remain closed until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. 

Below is further information about the care of our animals 

1. Now you are closed, who is looking after the animals in your attractions?

The safety and wellbeing of our guests, staff and animals is our priority and we have therefore taken the necessary precautions to ensure their continued welfare.

We have been working closely with THL to ensure we have the right permissions to enter our attraction and ensure we can maintain and continue the animal welfare programmes that we always have in place to look after our animals.

As with many businesses, we had been actively monitoring the situation with regards the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus and had proactively put in place agreed procedures with how to deal with a temporary closure, including agreed animal welfare and husbandry protocols.

SEA LIFE Helsinki places the very highest priority on the welfare of the animals in our care. The animal welfare plans we have are supported by our experienced team of animal experts and third-party veterinary consultants. 

2. Can animals get COVID-19?

According to the World Health Organisation, there's no reason to panic about pets/animals as possible victims or carriers of the corona virus, since there's no evidence that they can be infected.

We will therefore continue with our agreed animal welfare and husbandry protocols, which are among the most exemplary in the industry. SEA LIFE Helsinki places the very highest priority on the welfare of the animals at its attraction, which is supported by our experienced animal care team, marine biologists and independent veterinary consultants. We will continue with these welfare plans until we are able to reopen again.