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Juvenile Endangered White's seahorse e-Adoption Pack

Support our White’s Seahorse breed and release program and the SEA LIFE Trust.

Want to adopt your very own seahorse?

By adopting one of our seahorses for yourself or a friend, you will be making a real conservation difference - helping to secure the future of our local marine creatures and support the continuation of the program into future years. Your one-off adoption payment will last 12 months.

Your virtual adoption pack includes:

  • Animal adoption certificate
  • Option to name your adopted Seahorse
  • Acknowledgement of adoption support on our website and our in-attraction wall of fame!
  • Future updates on the White's seahorse breeding program and other SEA LIFE Trust initiatives
  • Contribution to the SEA LIFE Trust

2023 is the fourth year of our seahorse breed and release program. A world-first conservation project to help an endangered species which is endemic in Sydney Harbour. This year we’ll be releasing over 700 seahorse fry back into the wild, our biggest-ever release!

SLS Babyseahorses 7250 Benholgate

Already adopted a seahorse? Find its name below!

Purchaser name Seahorse name
Richard D Baxter
Sean R Smudge
Paloma, Aude & Wren L Popcorn
Diana A Dee Dee's Gee Gee
Leilani T Stella the Rocking Seahorse
Benjamin B Atlas
Emma C Scarlett
Jett C Jett
Lucy R Miss Rachael
Kathryn P Debbie
Oscar H Oscar Seahorse
Lottie H Lottie Seahorse
P Braithwaite Parker
Sophie G Bob Brown
Timm W Georgie
Susan K Trillian
Sue S Zoda
The Ryan Family Simon
Jackie T Garfunkal
Vicky D Sparkles
Carol D Viatek
Vanessa W Hippocampus
Trina H Doris
Philippa C Sophie
Josiah S Toulouse
George J Sonic the Flash
Kathryn P Tatiana
Craig L  Almaxo
Kona K Senshi
Elka M Smelka
Harriet S Sidney
Vicki L Vicki the Seahorse
Russell C Njord
Isabelle S Greggy
Bella G Felix Gavidi
Bailey C Speedy the Seahorse
Beau H Nibbles
Bundoora Vet Clinic B.V.Sea
Sharrone Conway Sharrona
Loukas M Ziggy
Lindy L Clarabella
Catriona W Galaxy