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Virtual Reality Experience

SEA LIFE's ultimate virtual reality experience!

Experience Virtual Reality below the surface!

Experience the ocean from a whole new perspective with our immersive Virtual Reality experience! Choose from 4 different ocean and sea creature-themed experiences as you take a virtual journey below the surface!

Don't miss our VR pods inside the aquarium, located right near our rockpool zone. 

Just $15 per experience or $20 for two!
Bolt-on a Virtual Reality experience when booking your admission ticket online.

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Online From $15

Already have an entry ticket to SEA LIFE?

Upgrade your day with a Virtual Reality experience!

    • Only $15 per experience or $20 for two
    • Immerse yourself in an amazing virtual underwater adventure! Choose from 4 different ocean and sea creature-themed experiences.
    • Experiences run on your schedule - simply show your ticket when you get to the VR pods in the attraction
    • VR pods located inside the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, right near our rockpool zone
    • VR ticket only - all day aquarium admission NOT included and must be purchased seperately
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    Swimming with Humpbacks

    Swimming with Humpbacks follows mother humpback whales and their calves after they have migrated from Antarctica to the ocean surrounding Tonga to give birth. It is an up close journey learning about the behaviours of the whales and the unique bond which the mother shares with the baby. 

    VR Hygiene Protocol

    The health and safety of our guests is our top priority and we have a clear protocol in place to keep our equipment clean and safe.

    • The headsets are wiped down with an anti-viral disinfectant before each new guest.
    • Disposable protective hygiene masks are available to wear under the headset upon request.
    • The seat and hand rests are wiped down with an anti-viral disinfectant at regular intervals throughout the day.

    Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy your experience.