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Newest Exhibit

Day & Night on the Reef

Discover the magic of the reef

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Experience the iconic wonders of the Great Barrier Reef at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s newest exhibit. Set entirely on the reef as it transitions through night and day, life on the reef is recreated for guests to encounter & experience, across 24 hours of the day. This new exhibit uses state of the art technology to deliver a totally unique, interactive experience & is the largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the world!

This interactive experience takes guests on a colourful journey of the world-famous Great Barrier Reef with state of the art technology, a 1.7 million litre display and over 500 creatures.

It is the largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the world!

Kids Watch The Nurse Shark Swim By In Day And Night On The Reef Exhbiit

See over 500 creatures

The zone is home to over 500 beautiful sea creatures including reef sharks, tropical fish, jellyfish and of course turtles! Our turtles that call the new Great Barrier Reef home include the beautiful Green Sea Turtle Plugga and her pals Dave and Chong. Don't miss seeing how big these turtles are in real life!

Turtle swimming through the Reef at Sea Life Sydney

Discover the Turtle Life-cycle

Discover the state-of-the art, animated projection map that showcases the life-cycle of a turtle; from nesting until the birth of the new hatchlings, guests have the chance to interact with virtual baby turtles and guide them safely to the water’s edge. The kids will love this turtle-y engaging and interactive experience

A Bioluminescent Ocean Glows Under Guest’S Footsteps At 'Night' 2

Interact with Bio-luminescence

An interactive light show showcases the rare phenomenon of bioluminescence. Walk through the waves and the bioluminescence will splash under your feet in this motion-sense display that leaves the young and the young-at-heart amazed and wanting to splash through it again and again!

SEA LIFE Sydney aquarium filled with fish and sea creatures of all around the world

See the Giant Wave

At the end of the experience, look back at the heart of the reef and all of its creatures, through a giant frozen wave feature. This is the perfect backdrop for guests to capture the ultimate family snap or selfie.


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Interactive Projection Lightshows Showcase The Rare Phenomenon Of Coral Spawning

6 Interesting Great Barrier Reef Facts

500,000 years old but the modern form you see today is around 8,000 years old

The Great Barrier Reef was named by Matthew Flinders, an explorer who mapped the Australian coastline from 1801 to 1803. The reef surrounds Australia and protects it by forming a barrier that is dangerous to ships

The Great Barrier Reef - it is so large it can be seen from outer space

It is the world’s largest structure made by living organisms called coral polyps that support a wide and diverse variety of life. 

It stretches more than 2,300km along the state of Queensland's coastline, beginning at the tip of Cape York in the north and extending down to Bundaberg in the south.

It contains the world's largest collection of coral reefs, with 600 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 types of molluscs.