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Barangaroo and Surrounds with Kids

  • Tuesday 21st May 2019
  • Sydney


Barangaroo is Sydney’s most exciting new precinct, alive with things to do for families. The area is named after Barangaroo, a fiercely independent Cammeraygal leader of the Eora Nation. She’s one of the most important and influential figures in Australian history.

Freedom on Wheels

Imagine the feeling of the sea breeze in your hair, as you cycle along the foreshore under a bright blue Sydney sky! At the northern end of the Barangaroo peninsular, a bicycle track hugs the shoreline, offering some of the best views in Sydney. The track is flat and well-formed, suitable for all ages, but it’s a shared zone, so watch out for pedestrians. The Barangaroo bike path is not the longest in Sydney, but it’s one of the most beautiful, with so much to see you can easily cycle it more than once!

Pick a Nick

Grassy areas are everywhere at Barangaroo, so you’re spoilt for choice; roll out a blanket, lay out your food, and you’re set for a whole afternoon. The views are breathtaking, and there’s plenty of space for the kids to run around. Balls and kites are a no-no (you could be fined), but there’s plenty to see in the immediate surrounds. Explore the beautiful blocks of sandstone that line the water’s edge, or ride a scooter along the pathways through the park. Stay long enough, and you’ll have ringside seats for one of Sydney’s spectacular sunsets!

Trees a Crowd

Barangaroo abounds in native flora. The parkland is filled with carefully chosen plants, creating stunning green spaces and garden beds. There are 75,000 different trees and shrubs on the site, so see how many you can find! It’s a fun way to get the kids excited about their environment, and littlies always have a giggle at the funny names – like Hairy Apple Berry, Pigface, Old Man’s Beard, Cheese Tree, Luscious Water Gum, and Broad-leaf Drumstick.

Sea Life

Where once there were wharves and fences, the Wulugul Walk now meanders between the city and the sea. At the southern end, it leads you into the heart of Darling Harbour, where you’ll find SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, a favourite with kids. Discover the world’s largest reef exhibit, teeming with thousands of colourful fish. Take a pic to prove you’ve finally found Nemo! Meet the many underwater inhabitants of Sydney Harbour, and show the kids which marine creatures live under the water right outside the aquarium! Visit the penguins in their colony, and watch the sharks and rays, sailing gracefully above the transparent ceiling of the moving walkway. 

Art in the Park

Can you find the walls of shells? It’s not hard when it’s multiple storeys high! This incredible work of art is installed at the southern end of the Wulugul Walk. It was created over four months by Esme Timbery (a Bidjigal/Eora elder and 4th generation shell artist) and Jonathan Jones (a Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi artist). The work reflects Barangaroo’s history as an important place for gathering to eat shellfish. More works of art are scattered throughout the parklands. See if you can find the five sandstone rock engravings!