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What to do in Sydney Today

  • Tuesday 30th April 2019

Sydney is a glorious city to explore, and you’re right on the doorstep. You have the time and the location; the only question now is ‘what is there to do in Sydney today?’


Down the Garden Path

The Royal Botanic Garden is a Sydney must-do. Hugging the shores of the harbour, the green lawns roll right down to the water’s edge. This is a park with a gazillion dollar water view. Locals love to spend a lunch break here; relaxing on the grass, or jogging along the multiple pathways. There are thousands of plants to admire, from colourful blooms to impressive Australian natives. Try to find the Wollemi Pine, an extraordinary ‘living fossil,’ only recently discovered by scientists in a hidden mountain valley.


Circular What?

Circular Quay is the central hub for ferry traffic on Sydney Harbour. It’s pronounced ‘key’, as in ‘Florida Keys’. Walking here from the Botanic Garden will take you past the iconic Sydney Opera House, sitting spectacularly at the end of Bennelong Point. Climb the stairs to the entrance level and take in the view. It’s one of the world’s greatest Instagram locations! Once you have the perfect pic, continue walking around to the Quay. The majestic Manly Ferries will chug past, packed with day-trippers, city workers and families on the way to the beach. Give them a friendly wave! The Quay is also home to Customs House with its miniature model of the city and the highly respected Museum of Contemporary Art.


Ferry Good

From Circular Quay, jump onto a ferry to Darling Harbour on the western edge of the CBD. This route cuts across the deepest part of the harbour near Kirribilli, taking you directly beneath the arc of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! On the other shore, you’ll spot the smiling face of Luna Park, as well as local swimmers doing laps in the North Sydney Pool. The ferry then swings around the Barangaroo headland, arriving at Darling Harbour, a bustling entertainment district packed with activity.


Sea Life Up Close

You’ve travelled over the harbour, but did you wonder what lives under the water? The answer will surprise you! Little Penguins call Sydney Harbour home, along with thousands of beautiful fish species. Meet many of them up close at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. From adorable Gentoo penguins to colourful tropical reef fish and the active common Sydney octopus, you’ll discover all the highlights of the harbour. You can even travel underwater through a deep ocean tunnel to see sharks and giant rays. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is also home to the most brilliant tropical reef species in the Great Barrier Reef Exhibit, the largest reef exhibit in the world.


Do Barangaroo

After a big day by the harbour, it’s time to find a vantage point to watch the sunset.  Walk around to Barangaroo Reserve, a newly-created parkland on the point. Observatory Hill is also nearby, home to the Sydney Observatory. Both the headland and the hill offer views to the west for sunset. Find your perfect position, and sit back to watch the early evening colours deepen on the horizon.