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Tank TV

Waddle Watch: Tune in live 24/7

Tune in to our Tank TV

Bringing our adorable sub-Antarctic Penguin Colony to you 24hrs a day!

Gentoo Penguins Running

This live stream was made possible by the Panasonic AW-UE4

The Penguin Program

Our colony of Sub-Antartic Penguins are pretty busy birds! They have to eat, sleep, waddle, eat, swim, poop... and the best part? You get to watch it all! 

  • 8:00 am - 10:00 am: It's time to clean! Watch our Penguin keepers scrub the penguin exhibit clean and pump in fresh fluffy snow for the penguins to enjoy! 
  • 2:30 pm - 3 pm: LUNCH TIME! Watch as our King Penguins gulp down a fishy feed! Noticed the Gentoo penguins disappearing? They are being fed in the penguin pool!
  • 4:00 pm: Bedtime! It is winter here at Macquarie Island and gets dark quick! Our penguins all like to snuggle into bed early this time of year
  • Enrichment Sessions: Keep your eyes peeled throughout the day as our penguin Keepers do regular enrichment sessions with our penguins throughout the week. Our penguins love to play with bubbles, soccer balls, slides and toys - you might even spot things hidden in the ice!

Meet our penguins


Meet Lara

Lara is the youngest member of the colony and is an incredibly curious penguin. You’ll find her wandering around the exhibit inspecting every nook and cranny, or getting under the keepers’ feet as they go about daily maintenance of the exhibit. Lara loves to play games and her favourite enrichment is bubbles, which she likes to pop with her beak!

Reta the Gentoo Penguin at SEA LIFE Sydney

Meet Reta

A playful penguin, Reta is the first in line whenever enrichment is brought out! His favourite toy is a bright pink octopus, which he likes to carry around the exhibit. Reta is also an avid swimmer and pro pool feeder who loves to eat squid. You’ll sometimes see him doing ‘zoomies’ – swimming in circles around the pool as fast as he can!

Nog the King penguin

Meet Nog

Nog is a cheeky king penguin who is very food driven – as soon as the fish comes out, you can be sure that Nog will be there! He’s an easy character to spot, with his big eyes and funny walk as he always waddles around with his head down and forward as if he has important business to attend to. You’ll rarely see him alone as Nog is very social and loves being around the other king penguins.

See the penguins in person!

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