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Pass Holder Bring-a-Friend Days

July 2-10

Come to our exclusive Bring-a-Friend Days and bring up to six friends for just $10.00 each! That’s a savings of up to $13.50 per person!

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More Bring-a-Friend Days are Coming!
September 1-9
October 20-28
November 10-18
December 15-23

Shark Week

July 22-28

Sharks are one of the oldest creatures known to man and one of the world’s most efficient predators. There are over 350 species of shark and they have been around for 400 million years, predating the dinosaurs!

Enjoy JAW-some feeding demonstrations, educational talks, and seven incredible species: nurse shark, blacktip reef shark, blacknose shark, bonnethead sharks, brown banded bamboo shark, white spotted bamboo shark and dogfish shark

  • Become a shark survey scientist
  • Search out shark facts on our scavenger hunt
  • Meet 'Magnus', our shark mascot throughout the day
  • Learn what you can do to help protect sharks

Homeschool Week

Become a Junior Aquarist

Sept 17-21

Visit during this September's Homeschool Week and learn what it takes to become a SEA LIFE Junior Aquarist! Here at the aquarium, 'Aquarists' are the experts who care for all of our amazing underwater creatures every day -- what a cool job, eh?!

Participate in one of our FREE Homeschool Week Workshops and learning activities throughout the aquarium and see if you've got what it takes! Tickets are just $10 per person. Workshops are first come, first served. Times T.B.D.