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Shark Week

July 23-29

Come nose to nose with seven different species of shark at SEA LIFE Michigan during Shark Week! You'll take part in shark-themed activities to learn more about these misunderstood predators, why they're important to the ecosystem and what you can do to help protect them.


“Dive in” during Shark Week and save $7 per ticket when you buy online through this link before July 29th! (Terms and Conditions.)


Did You Know?

  1. Sharks have a skeleton made of cartilage which makes them more flexible and lighter.
  2. Sharks can have up to 7 rows of teeth. This allows them to replace broken or missing teeth much faster by moving the back teeth forward.
  3. A shark’s dorsal fin (the one on their back) keeps them upright as they swim.
  4. Sharks have a 6th sense! They can sense electrical impulses through the water which helps them find their prey that may be hiding in the sand.
  5. Some sharks give live birth but other lay eggs. These eggs are called 'mermaid’s purses'.

Teacher Appreciation Days

August 1-31

Join us for Teacher Appreciation Days, this August at SEA LIFE Michigan! Show your school ID or pay stub and enjoy FREE walk-up admission! Plus, you can also have up to six friends and family visit with you for just $10 per person. That's a savings of up to $13.50 each! (Terms and Conditions.)


Did you know?
SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium also offers special pricing for school field trips and educational workshops. Learn more >